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rockbiter 1

U.S. Patent # 6, 807, 961
U.S. Design Patent # D472, 119S

The Rockbiter stone chiseling tool, like most inventions was created out of necessity, rather than the desire just to come up with some nifty new tool without a true purpose. But that’s exactly what we came up with! A really nifty, unique, time, money and labor saving tool.

Back in 2003 while still in the fabrication business, I sold 40 kitchens for a project with approximately 70 lineal feet of 4 cm chiseled edge. I took the deposit with a smile and told the contractor, “no problem, we can deliver 4 to 6 kitchens every two weeks”.

At the time, the only way we did chiseled edge was with a hammer and chisel. There was no way we could hand chisel that many kitchens in such a short amount of time. So I proceeded to call all the suppliers asking for the evasive tool that I knew was out there somewhere. No such luck, nobody made the tool I required.

But as luck would have it, I owned a water-jet machine, cut the parts I needed, put the tool together and was able to chisel 4 kitchens in 7 hours. That’s 280 lineal feet, 40 lineal feet an hour. That’s when I knew we had come up with something exceptional.